Heavy Sweating: What Your Doctor Should Know

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It is important for you to gather vital information as you are going to see a medical professional about your excessive sweating. The following information will be helpful to the doctor as they seek a solution to your problem.

How Often You Change Clothes

Some people sweat so heavily that their clothes become soaked in sweat. Such people cannot complete the day without changing into fresh clothes. Note down how many times you have been compelled to change your clothes every day. This information will enable the doctor to judge the gravity of your problem.

Soap Used

It is also helpful for you to reveal how often you take a shower or bathe each day. Mention the type of soap that you use while you shower or bathe. The doctor will find out whether the soap that you use has any ingredients that could be triggering or worsening the problem.

Counter Methods Used

You should tell your doctor all the methods that you have attempted in a bid to control the excessive sweating. For example, have you used antiperspirants? Have you ever used absorbent pads to deal with your sweaty feet? This information will save the time that would have been lost if the doctor had recommended the same measures that haven't worked for you in the past.

Effects on the Skin

Your doctor may also be interested in knowing how the skin at the site of the heavy sweating is affected. Does the skin become itchy? Does it become red and irritated? Such clues can help to identify or rule out any underlying factors that could be linked to the excessive sweating.

Effects on Your Life

Don't hold back any information about how sweating heavily has affected the quality of your life. For example, tell the doctor any emotional effects, such as sadness, which you have suffered due to excessive sweating. You should also reveal any effects that the problem has had on your relationships with other people. Have you lost friends because of the problem? Do you avoid close relationships because of sweating excessively?

The success of the diagnosis and treatment will depend on how forthright you are during your visit to the doctor. Write down the information in the discussion above so that you don't forget an important detail during your discussion with the doctor. Implement all the recommendations made by the doctor so that the problem can be solved. Ask about free GP services if you cannot afford treatment.

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